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Cartoon Network Toon Cup 3D

Toon Cup 3D brings Cartoon Network’s characters into the real world through the magic of augmented reality. Players build a personalised football team, discover AR mini-games to gain resources and prepare for match day. Once their team is assembled, players can challenge others to a match and watch their cartoon players kick, slide and tackle their way to victory.


Mobile Pie teamed up with Cartoon Network, Niantic Labs and Digital Catapult to create a cutting-edge AR game for children aged 7-11. We were excited to use Niantic’s new Lightship technology which allows two players to have a shared AR experience in the same environment on separate devices. With Lightship, we could create a multiplayer AR game that let kids be sociable, explore their environment and be more active.

Client: CN / Niantic / Digital Catapult

Release Date: N/A

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